About The First Division, Department of Illinois

We are the First Division, Cook County Council, The American Legion, Department of Illinois. The geographical boundaries are that of Cook County, Illinois. The First Division is composed of seven Districts: District 2, District 3, District 4, District 5, District 7, District 8, and District 9 (Note: District 2 and 6 merged in 2010 with District 2 becoming the surviving District). The First Division has a total of 160 local Posts spread over Cook County and a membership of over 16,000 members. Post membership sizes range from 15 members up to 800 members.

The First Division holds their meetings four (4) times a year at various locations throughout Cook County. The Division Commander, Officers and Committee Chairmen give their reports at this meeting. This information is taken back and presented at District meetings which are held in various locations in the respective Districts. Post Officers attend the District meetings and bring the information to the "Blue Cap" Legionaries.

The Division, Districts, and Posts in Cook County conduct numerous programs of interest and benefit to veterans, their families, and their communities. Programs such as Police Officer, Firefighter and Paramedic of the Year Award, Legion Leadership, Community Service Week, Premier Boys State, Youth Police School, American Legion Baseball, High School Oratorical Contests, Boy Scouts, Blood Donor Donations, and Child Safety. This is only a sampling of the many programs of The American Legion and the First Division.

Commander Frank Thomas